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About Sarah

I’m Sarah Reece, a Colorado native. I knew I wanted to call Buena Vista home after my first summer working with A.V.D.I. In 2005. My passion for photography began in 1995 with a Pentax K-1000 and an introduction to black and white film and the darkroom. I graduated from the Art Institute of Colorado in Denver in 2002 with an AAS in commercial photography. After school I spent a few years working in camera sales and running a small film based photography school. Though I really enjoyed spending many days in the darkroom and using my skills to help others to grow their photographic passions, something was missing. After a couple of weeks on the job as a whitewater rafting photographer with A.V.D.I. I realized that what I was missing was a slower paced life with  a constant view of the natural world.

In the past 10 years with A.V.D.I. my passion for photography has evolved. My work is all digital now, though my roots in the darkroom still come through in my style of shooting as well as in the “digital darkroom.” I really enjoy photographing man-made objects, from exquisite local homes to small products. I am delighted by the challenge of presenting that product in it’s ideal state through lighting techniques, as well as posing, backgrounds and post production work. I feel that my best portrait work comes from a casual shoot where we take time to get to know each other. I find that strict time frames or specific planned poses result in “stiff” images. I want the people who I’m photographing to have fun with the shoot and hope that my approachable and calm demeanor will help them to be themselves. In my spare time I work on my scenic and abstract work which I find is fueled by travel, whether a road trip, a day hike or a multi-day raft trip.

I feel extremely fortunate to be a part of Arkansas Valley Digital Imaging, and of the Buena Vista community. You can find me in the studio at 317 E. Main Street most days. I look forward to hearing about your photographic needs and how we can work together to achieve your goals.